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Our Story

Neroli Global, founded by George McKale and Shelly Dorr, is an online platform that offers unique and culturally inspired products from all over the world; taking you on a journey far and wide.  We believe in the preservation of the cultural and ethnic arts as well as the welfare of the artists. The items we will feature are always handmade, limited and one of a kind, and will reflect the traditions of their specific cultural heritage often handed down through generations.  We have created our own line of pillows, one of a kind pieces using textiles from around the world. Our signature handcrafted Neroli essential oil products are designed to evoke summer nights and exotic travels.

Neroli Global strongly believes in supporting Active Minds and the JED Foundation - selected humanitarian organizations that strive for change; often through training programs, infrastructure projects, education and health assistance.

The non-profit organizations will need to follow specific criteria, ensuring that the profits are not exported out of the community or used by the group in ways that do not give back to their intended mission.

Often women are the creators and crafters of the products. By sharing their creations with the world, we hope to provide opportunities for the artisans to become self-sufficient, still giving time to be with family while being able to continue to work on their craft. With your purchase, we share a common goal, to help make people’s lives a little better than the day before.

Come travel with us.

Neroli Global Founders


With a background in architecture, interior design and art history, Shelly Dorr has always had an eye on artisan crafts. After several years of designing homes around the globe, she has recently transformed that passion into a project of curating artisan goods from all over the world with the intention of empowering the artists as well as sharing the knowledge and practice of the traditional ethnic and cultural arts.

While searching for a name for their new collaboration featuring artisan goods from around the globe, the answer came in the form of Shelly’s next project; creating an aromatherapy product that would evoke travel to exotic realms; days spent by the beach and nights under the stars.  Neroli oil, an evocative scent completely distinctive, became the basis of their signature product line. That’s when Neroli Global and Neroli Sonoma was born.

Still keeping one foot in the design realm, Shelly is melding global textiles into a bold and colorful pillow collection. Always on the search for textiles, new, old, or repurposed, she is constantly sketching new designs that will fit any home, classic or contemporary.

After losing her young daughter to suicide in 2016, Shelly continues to campaign to help young adults deal with mental health issues.


George McKale’s work as a professional archaeologist was a stepping stone that motivated him early on to travel extensively around the globe. With his interest in various cultures and on-going philanthropic projects, he has amassed a collection of treasures from trips abroad, often hand-made crafts by indigenous communities.

Working alongside his business partner, Shelly Dorr, they embarked on this venture to share their knowledge as well as the artists and their crafts with others. Most importantly, it was imperative that giving back to the communities and artists by partnering with non profit groups and NGO’s was integral to their mission.

George believes that while we live in an unsettled world, there are commonalities that once discovered, should unite all humans, connections that bond us as brothers and sisters; through interaction between people and their cultures, our lives can be transformed with the notion that strangers can become friends.

George, ever the archaeologist, along with his four sons, continues to embark on new adventures, exploring countries and backroads that inevitably lead to profound experiences and transformations. We look forward to sharing these discoveries with you in the upcoming months.

Our Team

Isabella Petros-Weber
Media Director and Global Consultant

At only 22 years old, Isabella Petros-Weber has already been around the globe. Traveling from the quintessential European cities to the African bush in Botswana, Isabella is a prime example of a young woman who thrives when she is exploring all this world has to offer. She has brought her passion for writing, storytelling, and collecting passport stamps to Neroli Global to serve as our Media Director.

Isabella will be earning her B.A in Spanish and Global Studies from Saint Mary’s College of California this Spring. Following graduation she will be relocating to Madrid, Spain to continue to fulfill her wanderlust desires.

Maritsa Vargas Collado
Director of Photography

Mari brings joy, enthusiasm and unparalleled drive as our chief product photographer to our Neroli Global Team. Her energy for life is exemplified by her active life-style and
involvement within our local community. Currently attending Junior College in Santa Rosa, her goal is to go to the Fire Academy, hoping one day to become a fire fighter. While she considers photography to be a hobby, Mari has a keen eye for design and layout.

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